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Winning Workshops for Tot​al Wellness - Mind, Body, & Spirit!

    Classes, Workshops, and Topics Available:

  • Every Woman Has A Story To Walk Fit For God's Glory
  • Real Beauty From the Inside Out
  • Own Your Value, Identity & Purpose
  • Be Aspiring, Bold & Courageous
  • Wellness At the Well
  • Health Living V.I.P. Style
  • Fit For The Man In My Heart
  • Block Distractions Aim for Your Goals
  • Fit For God To Win At Life Workout
  • V.I.P. Beauty Band Workout
  • Stretch & Worship
  • *A topic to accommodate your group or event

Own Your Value, Identity, & Purpose

"Be Aspiring, Bold, and Courageous!"

V.I.P. Beauty Bag

Fit For God To Win At Life Workshop

"Roll With the Punches & Win"

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